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About This Comic

Why combine the About and FAQ pages?
• My recent views on FAQs are that they should be answering the same things that an about page would—hence why I'm combining the two. Also, I find it's easier for me to make sense if I'm answering specific questions rather than rambling on and on about the comic without any real sense of direction. And hey, if I needed any more reason, it's one less page that I have to update coding on when I change the layout =D

What is Human Behaviour?
• Human Behaviour is an online comic, or webcomic. To break it into further categories (as we do so love to classify everything into the smallest possible category), HB is what can be considered a "gag-a-strip" comic—in that there may be characters that exist from one comic to the next, but there isn't a plot and one comic does not necessarily have to be read before another. There isn't necessarily a "gag" or punchline, as most gag-a-strip comics have, however, although in many cases one will appear.

What is Human Behaviour's purpose?
• If it can be said to have a purpose, HB's is to poke fun at the everyday idocy around us. I'm sure you've overheard someone saying something, or have you yourself said something that, upon later reflection, has proven to be downright dumb. That's what HB is here for: a catalog of stupid things people have said and done.

Are the events in the comic real things?
• More often than not. Occasionally, artistic license will rear its head, or I'll only be inspired by stupid things people have done, but usually they're less idiotic than the ones that are taken directly from real life. If you're really curious as to whether an actual event transpired or not, check the hb_comic community on LiveJournal, as it's where my rants and comic information for each comic is stored.

Is this a furry comic?
• In a word... not as you probably mean it. Anthropomorphic creatures are not the main focus of this comic, even though they are in it. Nor am I saying that the Inverted Purple Skunk and Appelachiaña are "above" the humans—they make mistakes and have "blonde moments" just like the rest of the cast, regular or not. I just had two anthro "avatars" of myself that hadn't ever been used in anything and decided that they would do well to be part of my third true "webcomic."

Are you a furry/anthro/were/lycanthrope?
• No. While I occasionally fancy having a tail, the logistics of wearing pants in this society pretty much forbids it, nor do I believe my spirit/soul/what-have-you is actually from X animal, trapped in human form. I have friends who do believe as much, however, and I respect that, as it's their belief, not mine, and what right do I have to judge what they feel when I can't feel it myself? Then again, I will make fun of them if they say something amazingly stupid and back it up with "and it's absolutely true because I'm really a horse" or something, coz' facts (and, therefore truths) don't change whether you're human or horse-in-a-human-body.

Are you a misanthrope?
• A world of no. I think people can be dumb, and they will occasionally make me very, very nervous, but I think misanthropy (the hating or distrusting of mankind) is a more constant thing than what I experience—which is usually either chalked up to paranoia or a bad vibe from a particular person.

Is there a regular update schedule?
• No. The comic will update whenever I have some new piece of "wisdom" to share; which is usually no later than a week after the event inspiring/depicted in it has occured. In addition, this community will update within twelve hours of a new comic going up for that commentary, so if you're on LiveJournal, feel free to become a member or watch the community to be made aware of updates.

I'm offended by Character X, because they're obviously making a mockery of subculture Y.
• Sorry? Be sure that you're aware of the "Tree of Logic" principle when reading this comic and the rants/commentary accompanying them. That is, all trees are plants, but not all plants are trees. Characters such as Crazy-Random Cosplay Chick are the "trees" for the anime/manga "plant" community, for example. Not all anime/manga fans are like CRCC, so if you're offended by my brazen stereotyping, sorry and don't let the door hit your runny mascara-stained lace-covered ass on the way out.

Do you believe in the stereotypes you portray?
• Yes and no. I believe that there are people who do fit the stereotypes—just as there are jocks who have to think about "2+2" for thirty seconds before they get the answer—but I also believe that there are jocks who are good at calculus, and there are those who aren't quite math whizzes but don't have a football for a brain, either. I use the stereotypes that fit in a given situation, if I use them at all.

Is this comic supposed to be funny?
• Sometimes. Not all the time—I don't need that kind of pressure on me. So yes, sometimes the comic will be funny, and sometimes it'll just be "oh my god, ew, why am I a part of this species?" and still other times you'll just smile and nod and move on in the archives. I try to present it in a semi-humorous manner, because I think it's best if we're able to laugh at ourselves without losing all hope, but if you don't think any of it's funny, then your sense of humour and mine don't mesh very well, and that's quite all right.

I've read everything in the archives... is there any more anywhere else?
• Nope. But if you're done here, you might want to check out Bowspirit's Aim, which is a plot-driven fantasy comic I do update on a weekly basis. It's not exactly the same sort of genre as this one, but it has the same sort of humour (better, sometimes).

I've seen one of these comics somewhere else, in a different format... did you steal it?
• If you're talking about the Art vs. Goth one, I posted that in my DeviantArt account back before I realized that I had so many one-shot comics about people and society being stupid that I might as well make an archive instead of just ignoring the urge to draw the others and leaving it at the one. Obviously, that was before I decided to use IPS in the comic (as you can see a human version of IPS, or a much better-looking version of myself, in it), but it's still mine. I just re-cut it to fit the layout I was making for the website, that's all ^^ If, on the other hand, you've seen one of the other comics somewhere else, please do let me know.

Are you just making up this F.A.Q. now?
• You caught me =D;; I'm writing this after I've logged into my new Keenspace account, but before the comic's subdomain has resolved with the DNS servers. But these are questions I think people MIGHT ask, so I'm doing my best. Got anything else you want to know about? Let me know, either via a comment on one of the entries here or by emailing me at xella (at) livejournal (dot) com (that'll forward to my most recent email address, if it ever changes).