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August 24, 2001 - Inverted Purple Skunk

I don't remember how long I had been "the Inverted Purple Skunk" before I actually drew said monicker, but I do remember how it came about—the first time I dyed my hair, I came home with a long purple streak down my back, and my mother commented on how I looked like an inverted purple skunk... and it stuck, with this being the first picture of said IPS. This isn't the first instance of this outfit, though—it appeared numerous times (with and without the jacket) in various school doodles, but has continued to be the mainstay of the skunk-outfit oO;

The kanji (chinese/japanese/fictional characters) in the background don't mean anything specific, insofar as I know—the font is called Japanese, and I just typed out "A L E X" (being the closest to my normal online name, Xella, that a regular name can be... well, short of "Azaela" or "Zelda" Oo)—the closest IPS has ever gotten to getting a "real" name. I dunno, I don't see the problem with "Ips"—it's short and to the point X);;

As a note, I have never actually looked up skunk markings for reference, but I have a little stuffed skunk change purse/something from seventh grade that I've used as my reference throughout the years (I ♥ my little skunk keychain-bag =D)

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