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September 29, 2001 - The Adventures of l33t c0w!

Can this truly be said to relate to the Apple we know and love? I'm not sure. If it can, then this is her heritage and roots—her predecessor, as it were. l33t c0w started as an in-joke between two friends of mine, but don't ask me how it began—I've since lost the AIM logs. In any case, it involved l33t c0w, who was a regular milk-giving cow (Bessie) by day, and superhero-who-didn't-actually-do-anything by... rest of day, l33t c0w. Nothing really came of the l33t c0w story (if it can be said that there was one), but it was yet another name to which I responded, and started my "kinship" with fantasy cows (in particular, the Cow King and his Hell Bovine minions in the "secret" cow level of Diablo II) =D

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