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November 19, 2004 - As The Years...

After deciding, in the middle of NaNoMangO (which I was doing for Shadows and Bowspirit's Aim), that I wanted to make a new comic about stupid people, and having decided to finally give Apple and IPS a home, I started actually doodling them more often (as ya do). Specifically, I hadn't ever really drawn them from the side, which was something I knew I would have to do in the future. Thus, practice.

As for the little kid-versions, well... I don't know. They both represent parts of me, both from my past and nowadays—when I was younger, I was amazingly outgoing (and tomboyish), and then amazingly shy (and girly). Plus I mean, since Apple's so much taller now, why not make her a runty little thing when they were kids? Well, it amused ME, anyway >>;

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