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July 5, 2004 - Art vs. Goth Take I

I'd held the opinions expressed in Art vs. Goth/Same Whine, Different Results for quite a few years before I actually attempted drawing it (I first recall a large "gawth"—as in, "oh my gawd, I'm so totally goth"... that is, goths who are in it for the trendy aspect—population in my school in Freshman year, four years earlier), but I was never really able to express it the way I wanted—and I wanted it on a T-shirt. Don't ask me why. In any case, this was my first attempt at it—taking the EGL (elegant gothic lolita) look for the goths, myself as a basis for the artists, and the weird punk rock trend mixed with anime for the rest of the population.

Two months later, when I had actually gone to a gathering of the people who react in the ways described in the comic (read: an anime convention), the candy-punk girl turned more towards those hideous automotons of cons who want to cosplay everyone at once and actually say things like "wai" and "kawaii" and "lyek oh my gawd bishie ^.^.^.^.^.^"—in essence, Crazy-Random Cosplay Chick =D

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