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May 9, 2004 - Page 'O Random Furries

Obviously, not a lot happened with either Apple (then l33t c0w) or IPS between 2001 and 2004—they weren't characters in anything, so they only showed up in my sketchbook when I wanted to work on anthropomorphs... and more often than not, Apple/l33t c0w got shafted in favour of IPS (having a more human shape, on the whole). Sometime in May, though, a random sketchbook page got them both in together (and changed hiiiistoryyy~ >D ...or not). In any case, it did get me thinking that, as they were both 'morphs (although l33t c0w was digitigrade and IPS was plantigrade), if I ever had the urge to do a story with either, the other could easily enough fit into that world.

Nothing more really needs to be said about this page, except that the "Sno" character in the top-right (by l33t c0w) is Snowhawk, who is © Ashely Venable—and was also l33t g04th0m3y Snowhawk in the original l33t c0w weirdness.

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